Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Southern Rail Models CityRail Endeavour DMU quick look

Hi All
 I was happy to see my local hobby shop had in stock Southern Rail Models Endeavour
and Xplorer sets and was told that they are selling quiet well but was surprised there
was not much buzz on the Internet about there arrival. So i handed over $460.00 and
got a 2803/2853 Cityrail set. They look quiet good I'm glad i made the purchase

Now some prototype pics
Till next time
Mathew Hughes


  1. How do they run and have you had any problems with parts coming loose?

    A mate of mine bought one, and his runs backwards compared to everything else on DC.


  2. Hi Paul
    No it has stayed together but it does run backwards wow that's a big error
    Mathew Hughes

  3. common fault you need to reverse the motor wires as per the manufacturers website