Saturday, October 1, 2016

Road Ragers 1/87

Hi All
  Got my my hands on the lastest Road Ragers 1/87 cars and 
here is a quick look

The packaging is still the same as the earlier releases
First up the Holden LJ  GTR XU1 Torana in salamanca red 
The tail lights on the LJ are not that good a little bit of colour
would have been a lot better

Holden HG GTS Monaro painted in silver mist
The front end on the HG is exceptional 
Now off to the two fords first is the XY GTHO PHASE III
painted in  yellow ochre
I was surprised that they chose to do the XY in yellow
I would have liked it in true blue or vermilion red

Last but not least the Ford XC cobra. The detail in the Cobra
decal in great when you remember they are in 1/87

Overall a great choice of cars and well done to Cooee and I am looking forward
to some more cars from the 70s(LH SLR5000,LX A9X, XA Superbird,XB GT 4 door,
HQ Panel vans,utes and wagons come to mind hahaha hell even a P76 would be good)
Till next time
 Mathew Hughes

Monday, September 12, 2016

Adamstown Station 12/9/2016

Hi all
 Just some shots from Adamstown this morning

NR45/NR19/NR59 Heading south through Adamstown
with an empty container train
SSR's newly acquired C classes C506/C510/C507/C505
with an empty coal train 

Light engine Freightliner GL112
Quad 82s 8248/8228/8233/8245 on an empty coal 
More quad 82s this time 8206/8238/8223/8201 on a loaded
coal train heading to port
Quin NRs NR96/NR61/NR119/NR43/NR64 on an empty
steel service with the exception of a few tarped open
wagons,some containers and 3x RKWYs loaded with logs

CEY003/CEY007/CEY001 lead an empty coal train south
Triple 90s 9007/9002/9017 heading to port to unload 

Till next time
 Mathew Hughes

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

100,000 hits

Hi All,

Wow 100,000 hits since 27/2/2011 not too shabby.
 I would like to thank the regular viewers and everyone who has visited my blog
and even our Ruski comrades who seem to be interested in Aussie railways lately.
Now I know that i've been slack with the updates lately I will try harder to get more 
blogs done. Here are some photos from the last few months

4501/42101 Leading a heritage train through Kotara 
6007 sits idle in the Broadmeadow yard
Aurizon's LDP003/LDP004 passing Warabrook 
A shot through the windscreen of our car (I was not driving)
8168 departing Kooragang Island with a string of cement hoppers
Glencore's XRN010 and XRN029 light engine over the
Kooragang Island bridge
An unusual visitor to the hunter, Tangara T106 at UGL Broadmeadow
CFCLA's CM3307 and Qube's 1103 going through a rail crossing
 at Carrington with a load of concentrate 
TT109/9307/9212 lead an empty coal train around the loop
at Carrington

Till next time
  Mathew Hughes

Monday, July 18, 2016

RTL01 and former VR ballast hoppers

Today I went for an hour and a half trip to Muswellbrook to find the 
RTL and ballast hoppers that I had seen on Wagonfreaks blog.

1 Western Star truck, add highrail/railway wheels and you
have an RTL. This truck was once owned by V/Line and
Freight  Australia and now owned by Just Tracks. I don't
know too much about this oddities history except it was used
on log trains under its Freight Australia years and the horns
on the bonnet seem to be a new addition.

Former VR VZMA 67V now in Just Tracks green in

Former VR VZMA ballast hopper now coded OHBA93R
Of note is the chain over the wagon body attached to the

Till next time
 Mathew Hughes

Sunday, June 26, 2016

A modelling update

Hi All
 Just a quick little update on a few unusual projects.
 A Northern Models NZZA special load wagon.
Still needs a lot of work filling/sanding and scratch building but I'm
looking forward to the challenge of making it closer to the prototype.

The other wagon I'm playing around with is an unknown brand (I got it off eBay)
a RZXY wheel carrying wagon just have to weather it up and decal it

Till next time
 Mathew Hughes

Friday, June 17, 2016

442 class The JUMBO

Thirlmeres 44211 leading the Steamfest special
442s5 on an empty concentrate train
A very clean 44202 in QUBE colours
44208 in CFCLA livery
442s3 very dilapidated Silverton early livery for their jumbos
442s6 showing the later Silverton livery
Formerly owned by Siverton 442s1 now painted in Green Trains livery 
44206 (in green) and 44204 (in blue) in modified NSWGR colours

44206 repainted into the SSR scheme
44224 in reverse livery from the PTC era, at Cardiff workshops.
Picture from my Dads collection 

Till next time 
 Mathew Hughes

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Steamfest the great race 2016

Hi All
  Today was the Steamfest Great Train Race with four steam locos vs four tiger 
moths. I decided to go to Warabrook station for the action and was not disappointed.
Four steam trains on four main lines at the same time was a very impressive sight.

4x82s going to Kooragang Island to unload
4490 leading 5917s train to the start line 

GL102 leading 3016s train to the starting area

GL106 leading 6029s train to the starting area
NTAF7079H former ESSO petrol tank wagon built by Tulloch
now used as a water jin for the Garratt
(thanks for spelling lesson Col)

Two of the four tiger moths flying around 
And last but not least 4001 leading 3642s train into position

And they are off and racing

And the obligatory trailing shot 
Till next time

 Mathew Hughes